Is Your Cologne Worth Its Price?

Everyone wants to smell good. When you smell good those around you want to remain around you. A major asset in the effort of having an approving scent is the use of cologne. The right cologne might be the difference between a complement or a cringed nose. So it is vital to choose that right cologne. Now ask yourself: “How much does the price of cologne really affect how ‘good’ it is?”

First and foremost, cologne consumers must realize that “good” is a relative term. When picking out cologne, the purchaser’s audience to appease includes him/herself, a significant other, coworkers, and friends and family. What smells good to one person might make another person sick. Finding the right, or “good” cologne is a trial and error process. The trick is to figure out if price has an effect on quality.

The first step is to identify the right cologne for you. Department stores have testers so this is a cost-free process. See what you and those around you think. You’ve found it, wonderful! Now, take a look at and assess the price. Can you afford it on a continual basis based off your usage? Are there knock off brands that will suffice? is just one online provider of inexpensive colognes that claims the same quality as designer brands.

Is the imitation good enough? If so, that’s great! If not, then you’re faced with the reality that price does matter. But don’t worry, you can still save even if the expensive brand is the only choice. For instance, shopping online; going to auction sites; or shopping department stores only during the holidays or major sales are all viable options.

Whether price affects how “good” a cologne is, truly is subjective. The ultimate decision lies in the eye of the beholder, or in this case the nose of the sniffer.

You can read more info about how to think about this question here.


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