Do people “collect” cologne? Who has the biggest/most famous collection?


Apparently Dwight Howard has a prodigious cologne collection.

Fashion conscious consumers are making the switch to cologne. The product smells good and completes any outfit that they may wear. Some consumers simply prefer having a bottle of cologne available to them. They can purchase label cologne and enjoy the experience themselves all over again. Some see cologne as closely resembling perfume when bottled. That is a faux pas because only women wear perfume under most circumstances. But cologne has enjoyed a revival recently as well.

Alan Hirsch, MD is an excellent resource for cologne options. He is a researcher at the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. That has helped to identify a connection between scent and memory. He believes that the cologne people wear will be correlated to their success. Of course, the lab has plenty of cologne varieties on hand to be tested. Take a tour of the lab and meet the research team too.

Franco Wright is another figure that has promoted cologne collecting over the years. He helped to cofound Luckyscent, which is a company based out of Los Angeles. It is notable for having an online presence and a brick-and-mortar location in Los Angeles. Customers have made good use out of the cologne collection they have for sale. The store has become a clubhouse for urban men who understand their scent. A few blog posts have detailed its value to the city over time.

Get to know many people online that opt to collect cologne. There are large scale online blogs that cater towards these interests. People discuss the value of certain cologne lines with their friends. They also share the posts that are distributed on the forum. The most famous collection may be lurking around on these forums. View videos posted to YouTube and then rate them for content often.

PS: Did you know that there is actually a cologne that smells like a fine softball glove? Get out of here! Ok, yes that’s a joke. But leather is definitely an odor profile that collectors will seek out 🙂

Which is the Most Expensive Cologne?


Did you know that most people love good scents and tend to be attracted to their opposite sexes who smell good? Form a previous research, it was reported that most women who attracted men are who smelt good compared to those who looked good. Fragrances are so hard to notice yet very noticeable at the same time. It is necessary to smell good all day long and therefore important for one to purchase a good cologne.

The most expensive cologne is the Clive Christian No.1 pure perfume for men, which goes for around $2,350 per bottle. It is produced from very rare products which are collected from different countries around the world. The packaging itself is sophisticated as it is made of crystal and gold. As if that is not enough, there is some amount of diamond included in the gold. It is an archaic brand that was first produced in the 17th century and its original stopper was given by Queen Victoria. The current stopper is designed in a similar manner to resemble the original. The cologne thus has both royal and classy aspects to it, which makes it more unique.

This cologne rewards you with absolute value for the money spent on it. Unlike other cheap brands, Clive Christian is sprayed once to elicit a sweet fragrance for the entire day. However, it is not an affordable brand to many people which makes it a brand for the selected few who can afford it. The bottle is a major contributor to its high price due to its composition. These are the types of bottles you keep and hold dear too even after they are empty.

How Often Do Men Wear Cologne?


Have you ever sat close to or walked past a man who had a strong smell of sweat? It can be very uncomfortable to hang out around such people because the smell of the sweat is so strong that it can make a room stuffy. It is thus necessary for every man to own cologne that they can wear from time to time to counter the sweat.

Most men are not sure of how often they should wear their colognes, which results to improper usage. Men wear their colognes daily after taking a shower in order to smell good and increase their confidence all day long. However, if the man is scheduled for some tough job during the day which will make him sweat more, he can apply it twice a day after taking a shower. Colognes should be applied sparingly so as not to precede the wearer into a room. It is advisable not to wear the cologne to the clothing, swimming session or as an attempt to cover up some other smells.

Men from particular countries such as Saudi Arabia, Dubai and other countries found in the Middle East, are fond of wearing colognes. Fragrance is so deep-rooted in the Muslim culture and they are also very strong. It is considered as a manner of an anointment before offering prayers. Men colognes are embraced in China too, where they wear them in correlation with the weather. In French, fragrance is considered as part of the culture just like food and wine are. In fact, the French were the very first to wear colognes from the ancient times.

The USA is almost at a point of embracing the globalization of men’s fragrance since it is traditionally worn by females.

Just don’t over do it, like this guy!

Is Your Cologne Worth Its Price?

Everyone wants to smell good. When you smell good those around you want to remain around you. A major asset in the effort of having an approving scent is the use of cologne. The right cologne might be the difference between a complement or a cringed nose. So it is vital to choose that right cologne. Now ask yourself: “How much does the price of cologne really affect how ‘good’ it is?”

First and foremost, cologne consumers must realize that “good” is a relative term. When picking out cologne, the purchaser’s audience to appease includes him/herself, a significant other, coworkers, and friends and family. What smells good to one person might make another person sick. Finding the right, or “good” cologne is a trial and error process. The trick is to figure out if price has an effect on quality.

The first step is to identify the right cologne for you. Department stores have testers so this is a cost-free process. See what you and those around you think. You’ve found it, wonderful! Now, take a look at and assess the price. Can you afford it on a continual basis based off your usage? Are there knock off brands that will suffice? is just one online provider of inexpensive colognes that claims the same quality as designer brands.

Is the imitation good enough? If so, that’s great! If not, then you’re faced with the reality that price does matter. But don’t worry, you can still save even if the expensive brand is the only choice. For instance, shopping online; going to auction sites; or shopping department stores only during the holidays or major sales are all viable options.

Whether price affects how “good” a cologne is, truly is subjective. The ultimate decision lies in the eye of the beholder, or in this case the nose of the sniffer.

You can read more info about how to think about this question here.